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Alcogen Med 500 ml

Hand Sanitizer Alcogen MED 500 ml

Liquid alcohol Antibacterial Hand Gel

Alcogen Med 500 ml

Alcogen Med is a fast-acting alcohol hand sanitizer for cleaning and disinfection. It is a Medical Surgical Device: Registration number 20639 of the Ministry of Health. 

It can be used without water and it wipes and dries quickly leaving your hands soft and without any residue. 

This hand sanitizer is suitable for a correct application of the H.A.C.C.P. method for hand hygiene in laundries, hospitals, nursing homes, food industries, clinics , hotels, offices, schools, canteens, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

Tests have shown that, thanks to the particular formulation with emollients of natural origin, Alcogen does not irritate and does not dry the hands, even in case of prolonged and repeated use.

Alcongen Med fullfils Testing Requirements: UNI EN 14476, UNI EN 13264, UNI EN 13727

Formato de paquete: 500 ml


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